Eventos 12º International Myeloma Workshop em Washington, D.C

A IMF tem o prazer de trazer para vocês a transmissão ao vivo das apresentações do 12º International Myeloma Workshop que esta sendo realizado entre os dias 26 de fevereiro e 01 de Março em Washington, D.C. - USA - Clique aqui e acesse a transmissão ao vivo.


Sábado 28/02

10h15 - 12h15 Consensus Panel 

Guidelines for the Uniform Reporting of Clinical Trials in Myeloma: Report of the IMW Consensus Panel  - Vincent Rajkumar, M.D. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota and Jesus San Miguel, M.D. Hospital Clinico Universitario, Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain.

Guidelines for Stratification of Risk In Multiple Myeloma: Report of the IMW Consensus Panel - Nikhil Munshi, M.D. Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Massachusetts and Herve Avet-Loiseau, M.D. Institut de Biologie, Nantes, France

Guidelines for Standard Investigative Work-Up in Myeloma: Report of the IMW Consensus Panel -  Meletios Dimopoulos, M.D. Alexandra Hospital, Athens, Greece  and Sundar Jagannath, M.D. St. Vincent' Comprehensive Cancer Center, New York, New York

Statistical Issues in the Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials in Myeloma -  John Crowley, PhD Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB)
Seattle, Washington

12h30 - 14h30 Transplant

New Mobilization and Conditioning Strategies  - Sergio Giralt, M.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas

Timing of Transplant in the Era of New Drugs  - Donna Weber, M.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas

Number - Single vs Double  - Michele Cavo, M.D.Istituto "Seràgnoli" Bologna, Italy

Total Therapy  - Bart Barlogie, M.D. University of Arkansas for Medical Science Little Rock, Arkansas

Allogeneic Transplant in Multiple Myeloma - Allografting for Myeloma: Mini? Maxi? Or Something in Between?  - William Bensinger, M.D. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, Washington

Post Transplant Maintenance  - Thierry Facon, M.D. Hôpital Claude Huriez Lille, France

15h30-17h00 Clinical - Phase II/III Studies

15h30-17h00 Clinical Care

15h30-17h00 Clinical - Basic Biology - Research II

17h30-19h30 Future Directions and Strategies in the Evaluation and Treatment of Clonal Plasma Cell Disorders (Sponsored by Celgene)

Domingo, 01 de Março

10h15-12h15 Pro and Con Session

Simultaneous use of Novel Agents in Induction Therapy  - Morie Gertz, M.D.Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota

Sequential use of Novel agents in Induction - Joan Bladé, M.D. Hospital Clinic  Barcelona, Spain

Therapy Should be Based on Risk Satisfaction - Favor  - Angela Dispenzieri, M.D.Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota

Therapy Should be Based on Risk Satisfaction – Against - Jesus San-Miguel, M.D. University Hospital Salamanca, Spain

Is there a role for Allo Tx? - Against  - Jean Paul Fermand, M.D. Hôpital Saint-Louis Paris, France and Jayesha Mehta, M.D.  Northwestern Medical School  Chicago, Illinois

12h30-14h30 Phase II Studies

US/DFCI - New Agents - Paul Richardson, M.D.Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston, Massachusetts

Early Combination Studies - "New Combination Approaches for MM - Antonio Palumbo, M.D. Ospedale San Giovanni Battista Torino, Italia

New Proteasome Inhibitors  - Robert Orlowski, M.D. MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas

Anti Angiogenic Agents - Shaji Kumar, M.D. Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota

Novel Bone Targeting Agents in Myeloma  - Noopur Raje, M.D. - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston, Massachusetts

New Imids  - Martha Lacy, M.D. - Mayo Clinic - Rochester, Minnesota

15h30-17h00 Plenary Session

17h30-19h30 Future Perspectives/Closing Ceremony

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